About 1kportfolio

This site is documentation for my $1000 experiment in trading. This is REAL money — my personal hard-earned money. I’m doing this to show my friends that it doesn’t take much money to start in the market. The portfolio is mostly for pure speculation of stock and options (with focus on the latter).

If things DO NOT go well, I will lose all of it.
If things DO go well, I will continuing to grow all of it.

The best part? You get to see it ALL right here!

I will document as much as possible — from the brokerage account creation to occasional screenshots of the portfolio.

– 1kportfolio


The stock market can be a DANGEROUS place for you and your money. Please seek professional advice when acting on any securities mentioned. 1kportfolio does not work in the financial industry and does not claim to know anything about the financial industry or the stock market. Please do your homework and do not blindly do what I do. If you screw up, it is your own fault — not mine. Heck, I may even laugh at you.


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