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7 days to go

August 2, 2007

Here’s a picture of the ACH screen. I’m just here twiddling my thumb. I think I’ll dump my $1000 into the savings account for now and get some interest. I know… a whole week of interest! (end sarcasm).

ACH screenshot


Almost there

August 1, 2007

Got the money.

Deposited the money.

Signed up for TradeKing. (more on “why” later)

Must wait 10 days for ACH?!? 😦

“Please allow 10 business days from the date you submitted your ACH profile to request fund transfers. To deposit funds in the meantime, please click here.

I don’t want to pay to transfer money into the account, so I guess we’ll have to wait 10 days. 😛

Still waiting

June 15, 2007

In order to get this $1000, I took a side gig a few weeks prior. Add that with a few extra bucks here and there (plus a little bit of eBay’ing), I totaled it to be around a little more than $1000. Still waiting on the lion share of this. The payment should be coming in soon.

If it comes in within the month, it’ll be pretty good timing. Market’s volatile and uncertain. Some of the stocks I’ve been tracking are down and it would be a great time to pick them up. Also, I was thinking of using Trade King ( but since Zecco ( now has a $0 minimum balance requirement, I will need to re-evaluate that choice.

Zecco trades are free for stock and the lowest I’ve seen for options. Trade King however has been rated pretty high in many categories and has lots of technical tools available. Trade execution is supposedly pretty quick with Trade King.